Reef Beach LLC enforces a 24 hour cancellation policy for all rentals. If you wish to cancel your rental before the 24 hour period, there is a 10% cancellation fee. In order to reschedule your rental you must notify Reef Beach Team at 850.296.9077 as soon as possible to avoid being CHARGED IN FULL by credit card or invoice for the missed rental. Rentals cancelled within less than 24 Hours will be charged the full rate for that rental. Please note that all rentals beginning on a Monday will require Friday notification. We value your business and will always do our best to accommodate your needs.


Charging Instructions:

Plug in Extension Cord to the wall.
Plug Extension Cord into golf cart charger
Flip On/Off Switch to ON
Watch the needle swing to 15 or 20, depending on the cart. (This may take a few seconds)
When the cart is FULLY charged the needle will be on 0. Turn the charger off and unplug the cord
(Cart can take 6-8 hours to achieve a full charge)



Driver must be 21 years of age.

Golf cart must stay on the road. Do Not Take On the Beach or Sidewalks
Golf cart may go on any road that has a speed limit of 35mph or less.
Golf Carts only go Approximately 15-20 mph.
If traffic gets backed up behind you pull to the side of the road to let traffic pass. Do not block traffic.
Must be driven by a licensed driver 16 years or older. (Carry your License with you.)
If you are stopped for UNDERAGE DRIVING or DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE or any other major violation of the law, the golf cart will be CONFISCATED and be brought back to the Reef Beach offices. There will be NO RETURNS AND NO REFUNDS for early returns.
You are responsible for the wellbeing of the vehicle and will be held responsible for any and all damages.
You must bring the cart back full of Regular Unleaded Gas. Refueling Fee is $10 per Gallon.
If any charges or fines are incurred during your rental (including: parking fines, towing, ect.) you are responsible for the full payment of all fines. You must also call the office to inform the manager. (850)296-9077


The customer is liable for any loss, theft, or damage to the rental equipment and the customer shall at all times be liable to Reef Beach LLC for replacement or repair costs, in addition to accrued rental charges until Reef Beach LLC is reimbursed for the full replacement value of any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged. When the customer has failed to return said equipment in the same condition that it left Reef Beach LLC, the replacement value of the rented equipment is the full list price at the time of replacement. In conjunction herewith, customer will notify Reef Beach LLC at the time of rental of any defects or damage to the equipment to be rented. If customer fails to notify Reef Beach LLC of any damage to the equipment, customer accepts responsibility for repair of said damage not identified by the customer and any associated costs.

Additionally, in the event that the customer is in any way damaged or injured by customer’s operation of the equipment, including any equipment malfunction, customer waives any and all rights to seeking recovery of those damages from Reef Beach LLC.



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