Waterworks Exhibit Opens April 1 | 30A

The Cultural Arts Alliance is proud to present ‘Waterworks’ – an exhibit of recent watercolor paintings by its member artists.Artwork by 18 talented and award-winning artists will be on display, including Joanna Ellington, Betty Pinkston, Russell R Ferris, Betty Cork, Susan Alfieri, Cheryl Gray, Joey McKenna, Theresia McInnis, Shelley Blackmarr, Nancy Williams, Suzanne LeLoup-West, Sharon Long, Dolly Vari, Jacques Camp, Carol Dickson, Melanie Moore, Sue Carol Knight, and Joan Vienot.The exhibit will be at the Bayou Arts Center from April 1 to June 1, 2016.

Source: Waterworks Exhibit Opens April 1 | 30A

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